• If you have a newsletter, please include a summary of who you are at the top, especially if you send infrequently.

    A new feature of newsletters could be to ask the user why they subscribed as they sign up. Then, include it in the newsletter itself as a helpful reminder. Maybe this could be done with Buttondown and other providers, using Tags.

  • How to REALLY use Microsoft Word 2024

    Scott Hanselman is, to me, the Bob Ross of developers. Just listen to him in this video and you can see why. He’s great at explaining things.

  • Use your domain for your email address

    Your email address is an essential part of your identity. Your email address is used to log into your accounts, change your passwords, and more. Your email is also where you may have personal communication with others. I trust Google, Microsoft, and Apple enough to take your email security … read more

  • RSS Anything

    RSS Anything claims to take any site with a list of links and transform it into an RSS feed. This is great for those blogs and sites you like to follow but don’t provide their own RSS feed. I have not yet tried it, but I wanted to add it to my arsenal of web tools. I discovered this through … read more

  • While I’ve been trying out Hey email (and calendar) before my subscription runs out, I thought I would also take a look at Proton Mail.

    Proton Mail is quite boring and straightforward compared to Hey…

    …, and I like that. 😉

  • Gran Turismo 2023

    🍿 Gran Turismo (2023) - ★★★★★ read more

  • I got tired of seeing my face everywhere, so I updated the logo on my site and profiles. I created it in a few minutes using Adobe Express. It’s a G (for my last name), but I like that it looks like an arrow. Maybe that represents something like me repeatedly changing things.

  • (we)bsite is visual and interactive site full of letters where people share what they want from the internet. Some of these letters can be read directly on the site and others link to the blog post.

    I love these simple, interactive sites that make the web an interesting place.

  • Disable Firefox back and forward navigation with the ALT and mousewheel

    Using Firefox, if you hold down the ALT key and use the scroll wheel on your mouse, it will navigate you back or forward in your browser. This seems like a good idea, but I’ve been having problems with doing this unintentionally. I have a unique scenario. I’m developing Power Apps, and … read more

  • I have mixed feelings about including “Kudos” on my blog. While I appreciate the feedback, it feels too much like social media despite no algorithm involved.

    For now, I removed them from my site.

  • The impact of my blog in 2023

    Looking back on 2023, I realize this blog has stuck around even as I jump from app to app and service to service. I attribute that to @manton’s great work creating a solid platform and a fantastic community. While I’ve changed things a bit, including the theme and domain, the foundation … read more

  • I started using Firefox again for privacy, cross-platform, and something new.

    While Chromium browsers have profiles, Firefox has Containers and Simple Tab Groups plugin, which allow multiple profiles in the same window (separate tabs). Much more convenient for jumping in and out of client sites.

  • RSS Zero isn't the path to RSS Joy

    RSS Zero isn’t the path to RSS Joy But your RSS reader doesn’t (shouldn’t?) be there to add to your to-do list. Your RSS reader is a list of things you might like to read. In an ideal world, reaching “RSS Zero” would mean that you’ve seen everything on the Internet that you might enjoy. That’s … read more

  • Auto Dark Mode with CSS @media Query prefers-color-scheme

    If you want your site to automatically switch between light and dark themes based on the visitor’s system settings, you can use a @media query and the prefers-color-scheme feature. :root { --color-background: #eee; --color-text: #000; } @media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) { :root { … read more

  • Previewing the new HEY Calendar

    Jason introduces the upcoming Hey Calendar. It is more full-featured than I expected, including habits and time tracking. As expected, it has the UI twists you can expect from 37signals.

    You can import external calendars through ICS feeds, but there is no syncing.

  • The secret to being a productive person

    My productivity journey has been a rollercoaster of discovery and learning since 2002. I was transitioning to be a developer in my day job and doing web design on the side. I was also starting a family, newly married, with a kid on the way. My time was consumed with the number of tasks and projects … read more

  • After dabbling with Bear Blog, I’ve decided to stick with Micro.blog. I liked what I saw with Bear Blog. Very simple and easy to use. Perhaps my biggest issue was the lack of external tools for posting (from what I could tell). Micro.blog’s ability to handle short and long posts has me won over.

  • Use an index card to manage your daily tasks and notes

    Using an index card is a simple technique to help you focus during the day. This is not a replacement for your task application or calendar but an addition. The point is to help you be less distracted and keep your planned tasks front and center while you work. Review your task application and … read more

  • Why do browsers insist on having separate Mobile Bookmarks and Desktop Bookmarks? I feel like a bookmark is a bookmark, especially these days. It’s annoying to default to one or the other, depending on my device.

  • I create a more permanent NOW page where I’ll attempt to keep all the hardware, apps, services, Newsletters, Podcasts, etc. that I currently use. I’ll also show what gets cut from the list at the bottom.

    It’s helpful for me to reflect on all this now and then to help clean things up.