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  • 🎮 I started playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder today.

    I miss the 2D side-scrolling Mario. It brings back memories.

    It’s a lot of fun so far. I have yet to try the multiplayer option.

  • Mailbrew is back?!?

    "Mailbrew has published a blog post stating that it was purchased by Upnext, which owns and develops the Upnext read-later service and Brief, a daily AI digest service. Mailbrew is a service that aggregates your favorite content from newsletters, RSS, YouTube, Twitter, and many other services, and … read more

  • Imagine using ChatGPT or a read-later service like Matter or Readwise, and instead of just reading in one of a few preselected voices, it reads in the author’s voice!

    We could add some metadata to our site that gives these services instructions for how to sound and even what tone is appropriate.

  • Obsidian importer can convert your notes to local markdown

    The Obsidian Importer is an open-source tool that can convert notes from various applications into local markdown files. Apps currently supported include Notion, Evernote, Bear, Apple Notes, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, and Roam Research. Additional guides are provided for other apps. read more

  • Smaller Rocks Matter: Rethinking Time Blocking

    When blocking time on our calendar, we often schedule our ideal day, incorporating ample time to handle the significant tasks we plan to complete. Scheduling these major tasks is a crucial aspect of time blocking, but we must not overlook the necessity of allocating time for checking emails, … read more

  • A sign post at the farm

    An evening at the local farm. They had excellent funnel cakes and apple cider!

  • The Four Levels of Reading

    📚 According to the book How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren, there are four reading levels. Each level has a purpose and is stacked upon each other; in other words, you can’t complete a level without first completing the previous level. Most material we read, including … read more

  • Finished reading: How to Read a Book (A Touchstone Book) by Charles Van Doren 📚

    Detailed guidance for how to read effectively and have a conversation with the author.

    I admit this was hard for me to read and ironically, I skimmed a lot of it.

    I lost interest, but still go a few ideas.

  • I’ve been using Reeder for all of my RSS, including Micro.blog feeds, favorite YouTube channels, Reddit channels, and even newsletters (through Kill the Newsletter!).

    Overall, it’s keeping me from jumping in and out of other apps, which often get me distracted with endless feeds and algorithms.

  • 🍿 The Creator (2023)

    A great looking sci-fi movie. I loved the look of the movie. CGI blended in and felt real. The world felt lived in.

    There were moments that deserved more of a build up, instead were just brief moments of dialog that explain key aspects if the story.

    Still, I really enjoyed it!

  • Meeting agendas should be questions that need to answered

    When creating a meeting, include the agenda as a question or questions that need to be answered. For the meeting creator, this approach compels them to consider the purpose of the meeting, enabling them to better judge who should attend and how long the meeting should last. Or even if the meeting … read more

  • I finally invested in a standing desk as well as a walking treadmill and some weights. It’s been quite convenient to walk while working. I also have some nice cable management going on under the desk that hides most of the clutter.

    My standing desk setup.

  • My first impressions of Evernote AI Search

    I tried the new Evernote AI Search feature and I must say that it is well-executed. However, it requires some understanding of both Evernote and how LLMs work to utilize it most effectively. On a side note, I think the term AI is still overused. AI Search, like Chat-GPT and others are using Large … read more

  • I beautiful morning of softball at Georgia Southern.

    The Georgia Southern softball field early morning.
  • Back to physical books

    I've been a long-time user of Kindle and Audible, with a few physical books thrown in here and there in an attempt to determine my preference between physical or digital formats. I think the truth is that I like both, as each has its advantages. Digital is convenient. There is no doubt that the … read more

  • Look for wisdom, not facts. We’re not reading to just find random pieces of information. What’s the point of that? We’re reading to accumulate a mass of true wisdom—that you can turn to and apply in your actual life. - Ryan Holiday

    The purpose of reading a wide variety of book types is to gain a broader understanding of the world, not just to memorize facts. There’s no need for us to become human encyclopedias.

    The ability to make connections from a wide expanse of experience is what makes us better.

  • How I'm using Reflect.app (2023-09-10)

    After many weeks, I continue to use the Reflect.app as my primary note-taking application. Its simplicity is what attracts me the most. The app doesn’t appear to be much more than a notepad, especially in focus mode. However, with features like backlinks, Kindle import, markdown, end-to-end … read more

  • Testing updates to the Micro.blog Cards Theme

    I’m testing some core changes to the Cards Theme on my site. I’ve updated the theme to support Hugo 0.117 and incorporated the changes to the default Micro.blog themes (thanks to @sod.) Things look good on my test site. Next, I’m testing on my live site to see if I have any issues before I push the … read more

  • On iOS, we can hold down the space key and slide a finger around the keyboard to position the cursor anywhere in the text.

    I just discovered this.

    I’ve always. I tried using my finger directly on the text, which is always cumbersome.

    Quality of life improvement that I wish I had known about sooner!

  • Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think (Taming the Mammoth) - Wait But Why

    Making this shift isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s worth obsessing over. Your Authentic Voice has been given one life—and it’s your job to make sure it gets the opportunity to live it.