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  • A sign post at the farm

    An evening at the local farm. They had excellent funnel cakes and apple cider!

  • I finally invested in a standing desk as well as a walking treadmill and some weights. It’s been quite convenient to walk while working. I also have some nice cable management going on under the desk that hides most of the clutter.

    My standing desk setup.

  • I beautiful morning of softball at Georgia Southern.

    The Georgia Southern softball field early morning.
  • The water is perfect today!

    Calm waters at Panama City Beach.

  • I don’t often take or share pictures of food, but there is something about this dish that always catches my attention. It was delicious!

    “The Bodhi” from Shaka Sushi and Cocktail Bar, Panama City Beach.

    “The Bodhi” from Shaka Sushi and Cocktail Bar, Panama City Beach.

  • The water has been cutting away at the sand connecting to the lake.

    The water has been cutting away at the sand connecting to the lake.

  • A storm is coming in at Panama City Beach.

    A storm was coming in at Panama City Beach.

  • This will be my view for a few days, right from the bedroom balcony. Hopefully, the weather holds out, and I can drink a few coffees and read some books! Panama City Beach.

    My view of Panama City Beach from the bedroom balcony.

  • My daughter had a great Day of softball yesterday. She had three diving catches, one of them prevented us from losing the game.

    She also hit an in the park home run. She’s so fast she’s like a blur going around the bases.

    So proud of her.

    Hailey's diving catch.

  • A view from Panama City Beach.
    A view from Panama City Beach.

    I took a day off a while ago to hang out at home and do whatever I wanted. Today is that day! My weekends are usually packed with softball, travel, and family activities, so I rarely have the chance to relax and do whatever I feel like. It’s important to take a step back sometimes.

  • Driving through Alabama to get to a softball tournament. We got stuck waiting for some construction but had a great view.

    Field in Alabama

  • Another full day of softball. Beautiful sunny yet cool weather. The girls seem to be having a lot of fun today.


  • It’s softball season again!

  • Flowers at Gibbs Gardens, GA.

  • ☕ I dug out my old French Press, which tastes much better than the Keurig I’ve been using (for convenience).

    I want to try and wait a good 90 minutes before any coffee (wake up naturally) and have coffee I’ll enjoy for the flavor.

  • 📷I finally completed my Christmas gift. The Razor Crest from The Mandalorian.

    The Mandalorian Razor Crest Legos

  • Can I be exempt from today’s word of the day? I’m going to be at my girl’s softball tournament all day. #mbnov

  • It’s a beautiful day to sit outside and read.

  • It’s 6 pm EST, and I’m at my daughter’s softball game. Near Atlanta, Georgia.

    It’s a beautiful day for softball!