After many weeks, I continue to use the as my primary note-taking application. Its simplicity is what attracts me the most. The app doesn’t appear to be much more than a notepad, especially in focus mode. However, with features like backlinks, Kindle import, markdown, end-to-end encryption, and built-in GPT–4, I find the app incredibly useful for capturing notes and writing.

  • I maintain separate graphs for my work and personal notes.
  • The Daily Notes feature has replaced a text file that I previously used as my Working Memory file.
  • I have stopped using Readwise (at least for now) since I now use the Reflect browser extension to highlight webpages and import highlights directly from Kindle.
  • I am attempting to use the Voice Transcriber to take audio notes. Although I don’t use it frequently, it works flawlessly when I do.
  • I use tags sparingly. The default tags for books, links, people, and authors are sufficient for me. I might add some new tags to track drafts, posts, etc.
  • I use the AI for grammar checking and formatting. For example, I can write a note that contains backlinks and then run a custom prompt that will strip the backlinks and give me the pure markdown that I can copy and paste into my blog or wiki.

I don’t have a specific “system” when I Reflect, which suits me perfectly. I can simply capture notes without worrying about organizing them into folders or tags.

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