I find it beneficial to periodically review the tools I'm using. Reflecting on the current state and observing how things evolve has been insightful.

These are the tools I'm using as of August 2023. My workflow is very simple.

A diagram of my PKM tools and workflow

Readwise Reader

I use Readwise Reader for nearly all of my consumption, which includes RSS, articles, videos, and PDFs. I also use it to highlight and take notes, which automatically sync to Readwise.

The Reader app has grown on me over time. It is much more powerful than most similar services. Having RSS, videos, and my “Read Later” all in one place has been convenient.

I also use the Reader as my external reference. If I want to look up information about a topic that I want to write about, or I need to reference documentation, I search in the Reader, and it pops right up. I don’t need to use external tools.


I use Snipd for my podcasts due to its unique feature of creating clips from podcasts, which can be AI-generated or manually adjusted. These clips sync automatically to Readwise.


I mostly read on Kindle and Audible, often using the immersive reading feature to listen and read simultaneously for better focus. Of course, all my highlights and notes are synced to Readwise.


All content is synced into Readwise where I occasionally review my notes and highlights. Instead of exporting everything to another tool such as Obsidian or Reflect, I prefer keeping them in Readwise to separate others’ content from mine.


I’m testing Reflect.app, drawn in by its simple interface, daily notes, calendar integration, end-to-end encryption, local-first approach, and advanced AI. If the experiment proves successful, it could potentially replace Ulysses and even Grammarly as my primary writing tools.

The objective is to create a library of reusable content that I can utilize for documentation, emails, estimates, development, code snippets, essay writing, and much more. I don’t subscribe to the “Zettelkasten” method per se. I just want a repository of content I create.

On the chopping block


I’m still using Raindrop for bookmarks. I use it less though since Readwise Reader has taken over as my reference for external content. I still bookmark interesting apps, blogs, and other sites that I enjoy. I plan to start capturing those in Reflect and see if that works as a replacement.

Bookmarks for “launching” things can easily be kept in my browser.


I’ve used Grammarly for years but canceled my subscription last month (effective today I discovered as I write this :)).

I use Microsoft Editor for work, which is not as good as Grammarly but is integrated into most Microsoft tools.

I’ve shifted from Grammarly to other AI tools like Reflect, which has built-in grammar checking, making the $144 annual Grammarly fee harder to justify.


I enjoy using Feedbin for its RSS reading due to its simple UI and adequate features. However, Readwise Reader is now my preference as it streamlines my workflow.