I’ve always struggled to commit to using Apple Notes as my main notes app because it is difficult to get notes out. While some apps and tools are available to help with bulk exporting from Apple Notes, it still feels like a lock in. The other reason is, while I think Apple notes is great for capturing, I don’t prefer to write in it. It’s something about the layout, formatting options that bother me.

However, when I think about the way I use my note’s app (at least how I want to use it) is as a scratchpad for capturing information that will be later transformed and shared as something new. When I think of it this way, I feel more comfortable with Apple Notes because I realize it is just a tool that I use to create the real value that is created and shared elsewhere. I could replace Apple Notes without needing to migrate all the content.

I’ve been using Ulysses to do all of my writing recently since, not only is it a great writing tool, but also great for publishing (to Micro.blog and Ghost in my case). I’ll be trying Apple Notes for a while as my scratchpad where I throw ideas, sketches, bookmarks, and other things of interest. The fuel I need to create better content.

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