I moved all of my bookmarks from Raindrop to Anybox today. I’m not certain if it will be a permanent change yet. They are both bookmarking services that allow you to capture web bookmarks, images, files, etc.

The process was simple. Export my Raindrop bookmarks as an HTML file. Import the HTML file into Anybox. It even kept all of my tags.

It seems that Anybox has more options and more native apps on the Mac and iOS, although Raindrop’s new iOS app is pretty sweet. Anybox also has the ability to add standalone notes and files that I may utilize. It also appears to have a lot of automation capabilities that I may look into further.

The biggest downside is that Anybox is not available on Windows. The way I have my current setup, that may not be a big deal. I have my Mac monitor below my Windows monitor and can easily switch back and forth throughout the day using Logitech flow. I tend to store my personal knowledge and links on my Mac and only use Windows for work.

I’ll give it a few weeks and see how it works out.