I cleaned up my workspace this week and loved it so far. 

Eric Gregorich Workspace 2023-04-16


Years ago, I purchased a huge desk with a hidden compartment to store all the cables, adapters, power bricks, and even my dock. It has enough space to hold plenty of equipment comfortably.


I have an LG Ultrawide monitor with decent speakers, so I also use it for audio. I have a cheap standalone microphone velcroed to the back of the monitor. It works great.

I have Windows running on the big monitor. This is where I do all my work for my day job. I also have a Mac mini for personal use.

Until this week, both machines were connected to the main monitor. I would need to switch my monitor input to get to my Mac and vice-versa. 

The small monitor in the front is a recent purchase. It's an Arzopa 15” portable monitor (not an iPad). It allows me to see my Mac and Windows machines at the same time. I use my Mac for my email, calendar, notes, tasks, etc., and the big monitor for my work.

The trick to making this work is using Logitech Flow. Since my keyboard and mouse are both Logitech, I can easily move my mouse between monitors by moving it to the edge of the screen while holding the CTR key. This works between Windows and Mac machines seamlessly. 

Keyboard and Mouse

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini and Logitech MX Vertical.

Time Tracking

That white octagon-shaped thing is from Timeular. I use it to track my time for work, which is required since I bill clients.


I spruced it up today by adding some of my books and bobbleheads. 

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