I had a newsletter a year or so ago where every week, I would gather all of my bookmarks, notes, and resources and turn them into a newsletter where I would share these valuable links with some brief commentary.

I gave up the newsletter because I often had weekends when I was out of town and was very busy during the week. Taking a couple of hours out to formulate the newsletter was too time-consuming for me.

Now that I have switched over the Micro.blog, I realize I’m doing the same thing but with a different, more efficient process.

Rather than pulling it all together once per week, I write content as I discover it throughout the week and post it immediately to my blog. This makes writing much easier because I’m doing it immediately and can write about whatever is on my mind.

My Micro.blog newsletter then automatically sends every Sunday and contains all of the posts from the previous week.

I’m essentially writing the same thing, but it’s much easier to post a short update as it comes up rather than waiting and trying to refresh what I was thinking. My new newsletter/blog also feels less formal, with less pressure to write something outstanding every week.

My last point (for now) is that posting immediately to my blog has eliminated the need for taking notes in many cases. Or perhaps, my blog posts are my notes. 🤔 I no longer need to organize notes for myself if it’s already posted to my site.

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