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  • Previewing the new HEY Calendar

    Jason introduces the upcoming Hey Calendar. It is more full-featured than I expected, including habits and time tracking. As expected, it has the UI twists you can expect from 37signals.

    You can import external calendars through ICS feeds, but there is no syncing.

  • The secret to being a productive person

    My productivity journey has been a rollercoaster of discovery and learning since 2002. I was transitioning to be a developer in my day job and doing web design on the side. I was also starting a family, newly married, with a kid on the way. My time was consumed with the number of tasks and projects … read more

  • After dabbling with Bear Blog, I’ve decided to stick with Micro.blog. I liked what I saw with Bear Blog. Very simple and easy to use. Perhaps my biggest issue was the lack of external tools for posting (from what I could tell). Micro.blog’s ability to handle short and long posts has me won over.

  • Use an index card to manage your daily tasks and notes

    Using an index card is a simple technique to help you focus during the day. This is not a replacement for your task application or calendar but an addition. The point is to help you be less distracted and keep your planned tasks front and center while you work. Review your task application and … read more

  • Why do browsers insist on having separate Mobile Bookmarks and Desktop Bookmarks? I feel like a bookmark is a bookmark, especially these days. It’s annoying to default to one or the other, depending on my device.

  • I create a more permanent NOW page where I’ll attempt to keep all the hardware, apps, services, Newsletters, Podcasts, etc. that I currently use. I’ll also show what gets cut from the list at the bottom.

    It’s helpful for me to reflect on all this now and then to help clean things up.

  • I received my Nuphy Air75 V2 keyboard today! It is easy to type on, looks great, and sounds excellent. I feel like it’s going to be a keeper.

    A photo of the Nuphy Air 75 V2 Keyboard.
  • Currently reading: Feel-Good Productivity by Ali Abdaal 📚

  • I’ve seen several of these going through my timeline, and I had to give it a go. Easily create Funko figure of yourself using Image Creator and this custom prompt.

    Funko figure of a male, smiling, called Eric Gregorich, a grey hoodie, dark blue jeans and grey sketchers with orange accent, shaved bald head and long beard, and blue eyes. The Funko is displayed inside and outside a limited edition blue and grey Funko box with TECH GUY text, allowing visibility of the figure, typography, 3D render. white background
  • I finished reading: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman 📚

    I thought it was an imaginative story that was relatively easy to follow and not too long. The pace kept me interested all the way through.

    The Ocean at the End of the Lane may be my first Neil Gaiman book. I’ll be reading more, for sure.

  • A dog with tan fur sits on a carpet, facing upwards with an attentive expression. In the background, a decorated Christmas tree and gifts create a festive atmosphere.

    Zoey loves tearing into the wrapping paper on Christmas morning. She won’t touch it until it’s time. We get a kick out of it every year.

  • A festive Christmas scene with a decorated tree on the right, stockings hung on the mantel, gifts wrapped in various papers, and two large fabric sacks alongside the fireplace.

    Merry Christmas!

  • The Feed - My latest experiment with content consumption

    I’ve been using Hey to replace my RSS reader by using The Feed to limit what I consume. My Hey subscription will run out in a couple of months. I was not using it for a while. I thought I would give it another go so I can decide if I keep it or not. This time, I went all in with The Feed. A simple … read more

  • My first mechanical keyboard

    I purchased my first real mechanical keyboard (please, don’t tell my wife; she doesn’t know yet.). I ordered the NuPhy Air75 V2 with Cowberry switches. I’m looking forward to it. Hot-swappable switches and other great features. Is anyone else a keyboard fanatic? read more

  • Omnifocus 4 has been release, and I resist the temptation

    OmniFocus 4 has been released. It’s tempting to try it again. I would gladly spend hours organizing my life and feeling great about myself. Then, returning to the real world where I need to get work done, I’ll neglect my beautiful task list because it’s unrealistic and … read more

  • My Matter Stats for 2023

    Given that I don’t even have the Matter app installed and have only used it maybe a month out of the year, I find it unlikely that I’m in the top 5% of all users as indicated. I did have a couple of dozen RSS feeds, people, and newsletters set up, so perhaps they count all the incoming feeds towards … read more

  • Currently reading: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman 📚

    I saw this book recommendation from @manton.
    I’m starting to get into it. It’s a great pick.

  • Blogtrottr — Send RSS to your Email

    With all the great RSS readers out there, you may wonder why we want to send our RSS feeds to our email. I’m experimenting with this myself. I’m using Hey as my email client, and all of my newsletters go into “The Feed,” a dedicated page where I can scroll through all my newsletters. If I find … read more

  • Don’t allow AI to take over your knowledge management

    Curtis Mchale writes about The State of Notetaking for 2024 – PKM Weekly Issue 100. I think that the appeal of AI hits the same chord for many people looking at their notes. They want to have neatly compiled notes with clearly thought-out ideas that resonate with others. They want to be done with … read more

  • I’m still using Ulysses for writing and notes

    After giving iA Writer another brief go, I’m sticking with Ulysses. Ulysses has a customizable writing experience, handles images well, has built-in grammar tools, and, most importantly, has seamless publishing to Micro.blog, where my sites are hosted. These reasons make Ulysses the easiest to open … read more