I’m trying TeuxDeux again to see if it can be suitable for time blocking.

One of my favorite things about TeuxDeux is that I can see an overview of my week and keep as many lists as I need on one clean page.

TuexDuex supports Markdown headers, links, recurring tasks, configurable colors, and more. You can also email tasks into your account.

Otherwise, TuexDuex is a very minimal app, almost like writing on a big sheet of paper.

One downside of TuexDuex is that it doesn’t work as an actual calendar, so there is no way to plan my work in a calendar view to see what I have time to work on. On the other hand, I don’t need to estimate my tasks and reschedule things all the time. With TeuxDeux, I see the current week and schedule the tasks I plan to work on during the day after reviewing my calendar. It’s more of a “finger in the wind” approach.

Here is a screenshot with most of my tasks blurred out for obvious reasons. I don’t have much in there yet because of the upcoming holidays, and I haven’t transferred everything.

Eric Gregorich TeuxDeux Sample Page

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