I watched this video by Christopher Lawley, and he mentioned an app I had never heard of called Tot Pocket. All the app does is give you seven screens to write text.

Are you blown away yet?

Yeah, it sounds pretty simple. Then when you mention the $19.99 price tag, you will laugh.

What this app does is extremely simple, yet it fits a need that I’ve been looking for. I wanted a standalone app that gives me a page of text I can write on throughout the day. I keep notes, tasks, links, clipboard text, and all kinds of things on this page. This page syncs across devices, including my phone, so I can quickly update it throughout the day.

Using a “Working Memory” text file on your computer is nothing new. In his podcast, Cal Newport talks about it and has an article explaining his method.

When using only Microsoft Windows, I would use Notepad all the time for this. Now that I’m on Mac, I tried using an Apple Note or a simple document that syncs across devices. I think the biggest problem I had with them is there were too many options. I did more formatting and playing around with the note than just using it.

I only just started using Tot Pocket. So far, I like it. The sync is fast and reliable and has just enough features to allow me to jot down notes and tasks throughout the day without being distracted.